Sup Yoga Italia – The Complete Freedom!

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Yoga is so much more than bending your body into certain poses.  It is a mindset, a lifestyle, a choice.  Meet Denisse Delagiacoma, a dedicated yogini and stand up paddler who offers her perspective in this eye-popping, jaw-dropping film from Italy.  You will be mesmerized.

The Complete Freedom:  Stand up paddling Brais Lake, Italy

Experience a lifetime based on breath and movement, oneness with nature and a connection to all that is good inside you.  Starboard Sup yogi, Denisse Delagiacoma offers a glimpse into a life balanced between breath and water in this iconic video on Brais Lake,  Italy.

“This is a moment of freedom:  when you connect deeper to yourself, connect to the whole, nature, modern health and the elements.”
– Denisse Delagiacoma

Known as the “Pearl among Dolomite Lakes”, this emerald green lake sits in the north of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park.  According to legend, at the south end of the lake near Mt. Croda del Becco, there exists a gate to the Fanes underworld.  This gate – the sages say – can only be accessed via a boat ride.  Another name for this magnificent body of water is “Sass dla Porta” which literally means, ‘Gate Mountain’.

“And when you experience the flow and sense of peace inside you, nothing will be as it was before.”

Experience the beauty the legends talk about in this stunningly beautiful video by Manuele Mariotti.  It is a film sponsored by Speedo H2OActive, a fashionable, functional and versatile new Speedo range for women, redefining activewear for today’s healthy lifestyle seeker.

Stay in touch with Denissse Delagiacoma and her journeys through Instagram @blondieyogi.

Aloha to you … and enjoy!