Starboard 2018: Leading brand announces new product line up, new technologies for the year ahead

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Built for paddlers, by paddlers. Starboard is proud to present their 2018 line up, tested to be the most high-performing boards they’ve ever produced and vetted as the most eco-friendly boards on the market. Check it out the FULL line up in video below and read the deets below!

Progression & Innovation:  What consumers can expect in Starboard’s 2018 line up

Featuring progressive innovations like Airline Technology,  Deluxe Double Chamber, eco-friendly construction methods and offering planet-friendly tools like the simple Trash Picker, Starboard Sup raises the standard within the stand up paddling industry for performance and integrity.

“We’re here to catch waves, win races and save the planet.  Are you on board?” – Starboard Sup

Zane Schweitzer Deep Blue Life Starboard Sup
Starboard’s Project Blue ambassador Zane Schweitzer takes the Go-Foil for a spin on his Starboard Hyper-Nut.

Progression & Eco Innovation:  Starboard sets the benchmark for Sustainability in 2018

Starboard Sup is at the forefront of the watersports industry in terms of their hard won, well researched and developed eco-innovation.  2018 is a landmark year for the brand as it continues to remove the harmful substances that are used in stand up paddle boards and infusing them with more recycled, bio-based and sustainable materials.

Networking and partnering with multiple other organizations focused on the future, Starboard has created its own Project Blue family.  This family advocates for all things ocean and inspires others to protect this big blue playground we all enjoy so freely.  For EVERY board that is purchased, a mangrove tree is planted.  This action makes each board carbon net-positive and minimizes its impact on the planet.

Starboard has partnered with Sustainable Surf and are part of their evolving Eco-board Project.  This growing family is eager to push the limits, not only out on the water … but also in the workshop and at the table to inspire other leaders to think sustainably.

You can learn more about Starboard’s sustainable efforts at their website dedicated to this progression at:  Starboard Blue

Starboard blue
Starboard’s efforts to create a cleaner planet that protects our big blue playground of an ocean make it a leader in the sustainability movement within any industry! Thanks Starboard

NEW Airline Technology:  What the heck does that mean?

Airline Technology has to do with Starboard’s Inflatable Convenience and Composite Performance.  This newest innovation signifies the world’s first most dramatic break through in rocker lines and deflection.  Starboard Airline Technology uses external stringers on each board to strengthen and stiffen the inflatable line like never before.

How does it work?

The free-flowing aramid cable locks the board in shape when inflated, creating a solid trustworthy hull.  The patented Airline Technology utilizes a free-floating cable that is preset in the board.  This cable is attached at the nose of the board, goes under the bottom and ends at the fin box. The preset cable is slightly shorter than the actual board length so when the board is inflated, the cable develops tension and stiffens the board significantly more than your average inflatable sup.

Airline Technology Starboard Sup
Airline Technology brings better stiffness and stability to the inflatable board construction. Check it out!

Deluxe Double Chamber – Bringing the Inflatable one step closer to the carbon/fiberglass construction feel

In the Deluxe Double Chamber by Starboard, the new double I-BEAM stringer enhances stiffness and added safety due to the innovation of this extra chamber. The sensation of paddling with the stiff double I-BEAM stringer comes very close top to that of paddling a hard board board.  The added stiffness and safety features propels Starboard’s inflatable technology to whole new level! The new chamber offers 42 liters of additional safety float enhancing the level of safety for all of Starboard’s inflatable line.

Starbaord Double Deluxe
So cool! The Deluxe Double chamber has the added benefit of greater safety by keeping airflow safe in this extra chamber. Great idea Starboard!

2018 Lima Race Paddle – Next Evolution of the Bolt

Redefining the outline of the Bolt and creating a cleaner catch with the new Lima’s rounder tip makes each stroke even easier and more precise.  This updated design reduces the impact on your shoulders and gives each paddler the added benefit of being able to paddle harder with less attention to your stokes.  The direct catch and its ability to redirect each stroke automatically is a great part of what makes Starboard’s World Champion racing team choose the Lima paddle  over and again.  This is the highest performing paddle in the Starboard range and we feel it adds a touch of magic to every stroke.

Starboard Lima Paddle
Here comes the LIMA! With a rounder edge for a smooth catch and a self-righting design, the Lima creates more power with less effort for every paddler

Surfing the Starboard Wide Point – Let’s Make Surfing Truly Simple

The all new 32” Wide Point now boasts more V in the rocker line, includes a squarer tail for added control and a pinched nose for greater agility and better control than ever before.  The stability of the Wide Point 32″ width makes each surf session last longer and increases the performance of the rider.  The new Pro-inspired outlines and progressive bottom shapes allows for a fast board down the line with reactive turning style.

The Wide Point now comes in a versatile range with five different board sizes to accommodate big to small conditions.  It allows every level of rider from entry/immediate to advanced to choose from the 8’2″x32″ through the 11’2″x32″ Wide Point to offer a size and volume for each body type.

Starboard Wide Point
Starboard’s Wide Point is a comfortable & fun board for all riders. Wide & stable with enhanced performance design to make even the smallest waves Sup-er fun!

Flat Water Go – Get Up & Go

The new GO range is offered in the beautiful Tikhine lines and features custom artwork from Sonni Hönscheid and David Carson.  There are 3 unique and different art options available, either as a composite or in our innovative inflatable construction.

The clean shape blends beautiful glide with good stability making the GO Range suitable for day trips, yoga sessions and fitness workouts. Starboard’s  increased waterline and higher volume makes the 11’2″ x 32″ a top Tikhine choice for riders above 100 kg.

Starboard Go Range Takhine
The 2018 GO Range by Starboard combines art with performance in this comfortable all-around shape good for both flatwater & fitness!

Redesigned 2018 Race Boards – FAST is Easy!

Sprint – Meet Starboard’s fastest board yet

The 2018 Spring is the ultimate speed-setter for flat-water racing incorporating insane acceleration and top-end speed.  And, it will also perform well in choppy ocean conditions and includes enhanced surfing capabilities.

The Sprint’s design includes a dugout foot well for a lowered center of gravity sloping up to a flat tail that allows the paddler to have the most stable positioning whether sprinting or – back on the tail – for surfing waves and kick turning.  The heightened rail profile on the 2018 Sprint pops quicker in flat water at sprinting speed and offers more grip and control in choppy conditions. The Sprint’s accentuated V shaped front deck accelerates water displacement and allows the board to accelerate more quickly than ever before!

Starboard Sprint
Check out that sleek design for maximum flat water efficiency. Watch out world! Here comes the Starboard Sprint!

All Star – One board for all conditions

The maximally designed and thriving All-Star is Starboard’s  innovative effort to create ONE board designed for ultimate versatility.

Designed by world-class athletes and renowned shapers, the All-Star’s nose volume has been optimized for surfing, downwinding and optimal performance in choppy waters.  The increased volume also allows this board to accelerate more quickly.  Riders can bring the board to top speed and feel it lift & glide after fewer strokes to bring it to planing speed for better racing.  The All-Star’s boxy, parallel rails provide an increase in stability and reduction in the board’s rolling.  This, combined with side planes on the hull and chamfered edges creates the most stable All Star the team has ever designed. Another major change is a flatter tail concave  which creates a steadier platform while surfing or buoy turning.

Starboard All Star
OK, team rider Trevor Tunnington makes anything look easy but what he does do is make surfing the All-Star FUN!

Ace – The downwind game-changer for choppy water and open-ocean conditions

When there’s chop, you need pop. With the 2018 Ace’s new improved nose shape, this board just wants to keep going and going in any conditions.  The added volume allows the board to glide through chop whilst hammering upwind.  It prevents the rider from being pitched when paddling downwind and also gives the rider an increased ability for catching any bump.

The heightened sidewalls on the Ace allow for more grip on the waves, less rolling and less splash onto the deck. On the top of those sidewalls,  Starboard also added more beach hand mounts to make the board easier to manage for beach starts. The inside tail on the Ace has been widened with more dug-out rails; thus, creating more room for your back foot when buoy turning and/or surfing. This board has been made with a lighter high grade Biaxial carbon technology, combined with pigment infused resin to create the fastest and lightest Ace ever.  We love it!

Starboard ACE
Cleaner lines, more stability and easy access beach handles for carrying make this year’s ACE a whole new rough water dream come true!
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