Chasing the dream: Conversessions with sup surfing’s great legends

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Conversessions:  the short film by Brent Deal holds the visual stoke of dynamic sup surfing footage interwoven with intimate conversations from the grand masters of the sport.  Featuring pioneers like Dave Kalama, Colin McPhillips and Infinity Grand Master David Bohene, this 28-minute feature film will get your stoke meter flying.  Settle in and enjoy the Conversession!

Chasing the dream:  Conversessions with Sup Surfing’s great legends

Executive producers Erik Antonson (of the Progression Project podcast series and film), Oprah Winfrey Network president Erik Logan and award-winning director Brent Deal (H2Indo, H2Mexico, Chasing Gold) teamed up to create a rare film.

Talk about whetting your whistle:  Conversessions is a one-of-a-kind visual story-telling adventure.  The film highlights incredible sup surfing footage from Costa Rico to Mexico with the forerunners of  standup paddling: Dave Kalama, Colin McPhillips and Dave Boehne.  Into this visual eye candy mix are woven candid conversations with each man on topics ranging from fatherhood to originality to following your own path.

Conversessions is a journey into the lives and footwork of incredible pioneers of the sport of sup surfing.  Men who are both dynamic athletes and solid human beings.  About 28 minutes in length, settle back, turn up the volume and ride the wave.  You won’t be disappointed.