NEWS FLASH! Chris Bertish at Surf Expo!

Chris Bertish Surf Expo ORlando
Chris Bertish will be at this year's Surf Expo in Florida signing copies of our historic issue of his famous SUP Crossing!
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We could not be more excited.  The universe has aligned, the stars are in their proper orbits and WE are THRILLED to announce:

Legendary waterman Chris Bertish
will be at Surf Expo!

Chris will be making a special one-day appearance on the showroom floor this upcoming Saturday and will be found at the Standup Journal Hub by the Sup Demo Pool signing our historic feature issue on Chris as well as copies of his book, “Stoked!”

Chris Bertish arrives Antigua banner
Chris Bertish in Antigua at the completion of his transatlantic crossing on the ImpiFish. They said he couldn’t do it … and that only fueled his fire.

Meeting Chris Bertish at Surf Expo

If you’ve ever wanted to meet a true legend, this is your chance.  As you know, Chris made headlines this year when he completed his 4,050 mile solo crossing of the Atlantic ocean on a standup paddle craft of his own making, the ImpiFish.

His goal – to raise money & awareness for children in South Africa who need support through his three chosen charities:  Signature of Hope, The Lunchbox Fund and Operation Smile.

Chris Bertish Antigua The SUP Crossing
Chris Bertish in those final miles to English Harbour in Antigua, takes in the reality of what he’s just accomplished. Photo:  Marco Bava

Current taking Chris on world-wide tour

Chris’s journey was arduous.  The task he set for himself was, for some, seemingly insurmountable.  But, for those who know Chris – winner of the 2010 Maverick’s Big Wave contest – there is no room in his heart for the word ‘impossible’.  In fact, that word only fuels him to prove that with preparation, passion and focus, anything is possible.

When Chris arrived in Antigua, after 93 days at sea, the world sat up.  One man had just traveled the width of the Atlantic ocean, from the coastline of Morocco to the shore of Antigua, on a standup paddle board alone and unassisted.  It is STILL a great moment to remember.

The specialized sup craft built for #theCrossing was designed by Chris’ seasoned skill and a lifetime of waterman experiences.

Chris’ travel to the Surf Expo in Orlando this week is part of his current global tour.  He is traveling to continue on his quest to help the children of South Africa who need it most and to offer inspirational talks on his journeys to give us all a chance to believe in our dreams.

Standup Journal is PROUD to host this incredible waterman and human being at this year’s Expo.

We will have copies of our upcoming fall issue, featuring an 8-page article on Chris’s exploits, written by Standup Journal’s Online Editor Evelyn O’Doherty, on the table for signing.

Chris Bertish Standup Journal cover shot
Standup Journal’s Fall 2017 edition is going to be the ONE to get your hand’s on!  Stop by the Hub at the Expo to get your signed copy.

Please stop by our world to say hello and get your signed copy from Chris!

Aloha & looking forward!

Evelyn O’Doherty
Online Editor




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