Day #1 from Copenhagen: Spills, thrills and gold medals for the men!

Mens Distance ISA Worlds Starboard
Daniel Hasulyo, Titouan Puyo, Bruno Hasulyo ISA World Championships denmark
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We are following the action for the 2017 ISA World Sup & Paddleboard Championships which kicked off on Saturday with the men’s and women’s 18KM distance course.

In a day of upsets and excitement, the opening day of the 2017 ISA World Sup & Paddleboard championships did NOT disappoint!  Here’s the news on what unfolded in the Distance Race around the city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Men’s Distance Race:

Hungary’s fierce charger Bruno Hasulyo (Starboard) announced his run at the world title on Saturday when he upset the Connor Baxter to claim the gold medal for team Hungary.  After showing moments of great potential and stamina in year’s past, Saturday’s huge performance puts Bruno firmly on the world stage as a contender for the title.

Bruno Hasulyo Starboard ISA Mens Distance race
Bruno Hasulyo claims a golden moment for Team Hungary in the iconic Distance Race in Copenhagen, Denmark at this year’s ISA World Sup & Paddleboard Championships. Photo by: Georgia Schoenfeld

Pack of 70 World Championship contenders at the start

70 men, the largest group ever for an Elite contest of this caliber, lined up at the start for a sprint to that first buoy.  Bruno and his brother Daniel quickly jumped out in front and set the pace for the pack.  Daniel led the train for the first portion of the race and then Bruno took over for the second half.  Between these two train drivers, the brothers destroyed most of the field, creating large gaps between the front pack and what was happening in the back.

France’s Titouan Puyo (NSP) was one of the few competitors along with Hawaii’s Connor Baxter (Starboard), Mo Freitas (Focus Sup) and France’s Arthur Arutkin (Starboard) comfortable enough to sit with the Hasulyo brothers as they set a crushing pace around the 18KM course at the core of which sat the iconic Copenhagen opera house.

Coming into the Final Lap, Connor and Bruno go head-to-head

In the end, Connor broke away from the pack, setting a pace and cadence that only Bruno could withstand.  In an attempt to conserve energy, once the gap was pronounced, Connor tagged on to Bruno’s board in the final lap.  But, he later lost ground to the Hungarian as Bruno paddled away for a clear win.  Connor crossed the finish line 10 seconds later to earn his Silver medal.

Connor Baxter Bruno Hasulyo Daniel Hasulyo Starboard ISA World Championships
The Hasulyo brothers rejoice in a moment of victory together at the finish of the men’s distance race in Denmark. Photo by: Georgia Schoenfeld @georgiasphoto

Strong field, fiery finishes for Copenhagen’s Distance Course

Titouan, looking fierce as ever, followed Connor by about 30 seconds to win the Bronze medal.  In a huge crowd-pleaser of a finish, Bruno’s brother Daniel Hasulyo held on to cross the line fourth to take home the Copper medal for Team Hungary.

Final Results:

ISA World Championships Mens Distance
Men’s Final Results for the 18KM Distance Race in Copenhagen