PUSH: the dynamics of endurance – a new video by Lee Visuals

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What does it mean to PUSH? To move outside of one’s comfort zone and ask the body to give MORE and MORE over distance, over time. In this stunning new video by Lee Visuals (creator of Wild Coast, a sup surfer’s dream of sliding along the Tofino coastline), creator Kelsey Lee Thompson explores the dynamic between paddler and ride, equipment versus engine to show how distance work is done.

Supported by Blackfish Paddles and ONE Sup, this is a ride you’ll remember.

PUSH:  Explore the dynamics of endurance with Canada’s Jason Bennett & Blackfish Paddles

Shot in Deep Cove and Squamish, British Columbia, PUSH features Jason Bennett, one of Canada’s top stand up paddle racers specializing in distance racing.  In the film, Jason discusses the drive and mental state required for distance paddling.

Focusing on energy management, endurance and pushing to the finish line, this dynamic new film by Lee Visual is a stunning portrayal of the moment … and driving through it.

PUSH crew:

Directed/Edited by Kelsey Thompson/Lee Visual
Starring: Jason Bennett
Special Thanks: Blackfish Paddles, One SUP, David Smart, Jason Bennett, Carmen Merkel, Deep Cove Kayak Centre, Red Boat Charters
With support from Blackfish Paddles- www.blackfishpaddles.com