Standup for the Environment: Brent Allen’s kelp bed clean ups reveal how microplastics are killing our oceans

Brent Allen Outside Monterrey Bay California
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Brent Allen is a man of many talents.  He is a conservationist, an environmentalist, a paddler.  He is also a man of many dreams and dreams he is willing to work hard for to see come to fruition.

This week, he’s getting ready for something big. On August 18th, 2017, Brent is spearheading his next Point Lobos Kelp Bed and California Parks Clean Up in the Monterey Bay Maine Sanctuary of California.

Point Lobos Kelp Bed littered with plastics

The annual Brent Allen Outside clean up of the Point Lobos kelp beds is a  a mission to bring awareness to a body of water that represents the blight that has taken hold of our world’s oceans:  micro plastics.

The kelp beds on the inside of Monterey Bay catch and hold the multitudes of plastics that drift in from the greater bay and the ocean beyond.  Each year, Brent takes an army of volunteers out to the kelp beds to do his part in cleaning it and educating others why it is not OK to litter near the ocean.

Brent Allen involves California Parks in Point Lobos clean up

This year’s clean up is exceptional because after year’s of banging on the government’s door, Brent has finally been heard.  At his 1st clean up, he began with only FIVE boards which he was ‘allowed’ to take into the Monterey Bay Marine Park.  This year, California Parks and Recreation are working with him to block off an entire section of the park to aid in the clean up In addition, they’ve coordinated a team of scuba divers to clean underneath the water while paddlers work along the surface to clean up and scoop out the plastics.

That’s a dramatic improvement and the result of many years of hard work.

Brent Allen Outside Carmel California whale standup paddling
Brent’s standup paddle tours put people in close touch with nature to share in the wonder & awe of it … and lead them to wanting to protect what’s out there.

Brent Allen:  Becoming a paddler changed his life

Brent Allen, once upon a time, was in the corporate world 80 hours a week.  Today, at 52 years old, he is running a standup paddling touring facility and advocating for the environment.  He’s making it work.  His dream is important.

Brent says, “Every year, I decide what I’m going to invest my time into.  It used to be racing.  I enjoyed learning through doing it and how to train the body and mind to exert on that level.

Now, he is dedicated to a stand up paddling campaign to get more people involved in stewardship of the environment.  He brings them out onto the water, teaches them a skill they can be proud of and shows them the watery world that needs both their care and protection.

Kelp Beds Brent Allen outside Monterey Marine Sanctuary
Kelp Beds help to trap marine plastics where Brent and his helpers work to clean them up and preserve this impactful natural environment

Get Outside. Witness the beauty of nature.  Protect it.

In a recent video Brent released, he is tracking a pod of Orcas offshore.  As the killer whales leap and porpoise through the water, one feels the power and beauty of such animals.  One is drawn into their environment.

“It was a game changer to see those whales.  These big, majestic creatures will move you and you will come to want to protect them.” – Brent Allen

Brent Allen Kelp Beds and Clean Waters, paddlers, Carmel by the Sea
When you love something, you want to protect it. That’s how Brent Allen began his conservation efforts in the Monterey Marine Sanctuary in California

Brent Allen Outside:  a small operation with a huge heart

Brent’s campaign is tied to California tourism.  He gives stand up paddling tours on the great Monterey Bay and shares with people on the water what the issues are and how they can get involved to become a steward.

He specifically addresses the bane of single use plastics (as one can see the effects in the kelp beds) and offers tips on how to reduce overall household waste.

Get involved!  Join the Point Lobos clean up August 18th.

If YOU are interested in participating in this weekend’s Point Lobos kelp bed clean up, please contact Brent Allen Outside directly.  His email is

We support great efforts like this at Standup Journal online and salute YOU for your stewardship.

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