SWEET SHOT! Chuck Patterson & the searing hot progression of hydrofoiling

chuck patterson naish foil banner
chuck patterson naish foil banner
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Chuck Patterson knows water.  He knows swell and he knows equipment. His current – and seemingly endless – obsession is hydrofoiling.  Chuck’s spent the last several months chasing swell from charging surf in southern Cali to riding tanker waves in Galveston, Texas.  His goal:  To test the outer edges of foil riding and master the dynamics of what this new ‘hover craft’ can do.  In this iconic photo by Sports/Action photographer Bo Bridges, Chuck foils up the Glenwood wave in Colorado while he was in town for the GoPro Mountain Games.

Here’s what he has to say about the experience:

Bo Bridges Chuck Patterson Naish foil Oregon
Chuck’s choice of equipment here includes his 5′ Catchsurf soft top surfboard with a Foilmount plate stuck to the bottom and a 26″ high Naish Thrust Foil. He says the smaller board is much easier to maneuver once you have the discipline of foiling dialed in. Photo by: Bo Bridges

The Naish hydrofoil:  a whole new way of looking at water:

“With the evolution and progression of foiling, your mind wanders as you look at every body of water, wondering what the possibilities are.

The oceans waves were a no -brainer, but understanding the power and energy of the river flow opens up a whole new world.”  – Chuck Patterson

Ken Hoeve, professional river sup/kayaker, and Naish waterman Chuck decided to tie a rope to a bridge and foil across the river to better understand the speed and flow of the water and how the foil would react. After huge success, their next step was riding a surfable river wave.

There are many important things to consider in a situation like this including:  river flow rate, water level, rock and underwater hazards as well as a safe entry and exit strategy.

“The entry was tricky as I had to start 75 yards up river, paddle out to the middle, float down river and quickly turn around upstream before paddling aggressively to catch the river wave.

After several failed attempts I finally managed to successfully get up on the foil and get a couple carving glides. The foil rides better in clean water, so finding the right wave with a clean wall makes all the difference.”

Aloha Chuck!  Keep charging and unlocking the dynamics of engineering and the science of the hydrofoil.  As this sport continues to unfold and events begin to incorporate hydrofoil divisions into their midst, we will all bear witness to the next level of innovation for standup paddling, surfing and – well, just plain flying!

Naish unleashes a new website on foils!

For more information about the Naish hydrofoil, you can visit their NEW website at www.naishfoils.com and discover for yourself what the future of watersports is all about!

Feature photo generously offered by Sports/Action Photographer:  Bo Bridges
Bridges Photography Inc

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