Solace Sup Founder Rich Price Cares About Your Safety, So He’s Giving Away Free Sup Leashes

SolaceSUP_RichLeash Jonaliza Misa
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Standup Journal Online contributor, Jonaliza D. Misa, talks with Rich Price from Solace Sup regarding Sup Safety and the importance of wearing leashes.

We’ve seen it in the news; paddling has taken lives. Until someone in the Standup Paddle industry comes up with new technology that improves safety, a well-designed leash (along with a life jacket and some common sense) is your best bet.

Solace SUP_Rich Leash Jonaliza Misa
Leashes save lives! So, Solace Sup is having a free give-away in the name of Sup Safety. Photo by: Rich Price

Solace Sup FREE leash give-away!

Because just like any avid paddlers, Rich Price, Founder of Solace Sup, has had his close call and doesn’t ever want you to end up in the same situation. He cares about your safety so he’s giving a way FREE SUP leashes while supplies last. All you have to do is pay for shipping and handling.

Standup Journal Online is also promoting Sup Safety best practices in our NEW online FORUM on Standup for Safety.  This is a concern and awareness for ALL of US.  Add your voice to the conversation, celebrate brands like Solace Sup who are stepping UP and standing OUT in the realm of Sup Safety.  We need you!

Solace SUP_Leash Jonaliza Misa
Proper attachment, updating your equipment and wearing it are all protocol for serious Sup Safety. We cannot stress this enough. Take care of yourself out there! Photo by: Rich Price

Get ready:  Jonaliza takes on the Chesapeake Bay!

This is good to know as I gear up for my Standup Paddling adventure with Rich on Chesapeake Bay in a couple of weeks. There’s nothing more relieving for a beginner paddler like me than knowing that I’ll be in good safe hands.

Solace SUP_Rich SUP Jonaliza Misa
Lots of fun & adventures to be had when we are in good, safe practices regarding standup paddling. Take care of yourselves out there! We need YOU. Photo by: Rich Price

Stay tuned for MORE adventures with Jonaliza in a few weeks as she explores the waters of Chesapeake Bay, leashed and ready.

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