Copenhagen & Cold Hawaii host ISA World Championships this September!

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Get ready, ‘cuz here comes the ISA World Sup and Paddleboard World Championships in Denmark on September 1st – 10th, 2017!

Every year the ISA World Championship Tour is one of the most highly anticipated events of the season.  This year, even MORE so, as the tour takes a turn to an unexpected venue – Vorupor,  Denmark – otherwise known as “Cold Hawaii”!

Denmark to host the ISA World Championships in September 2017

“It’s been a dream of mine since I was very small to have a World Championship in Denmark.”
–  ISA Vice-President and Naish rider, Casper Steinfath.

The world’s best standup paddlers and prone paddler racers will unite in the name of their nations to go for GOLD, September 1st – 10th in two locations:  Copenhagen and Vorupor, in a region known as “Cold Hawaii” in Denmark.

The event will kick off with Standup Paddle and Paddleboard Distance and Sprint Race events held on the historic canals of the Danish capital of Copenhagen.  This venue will offer spectators and competitors iconic views of the Opera House and Royal Theater.  The championship will then move to Vorupør, found on the northwest coastline in an area known as “Cold Hawaii”.  Cold Hawaii is world renowned for its stellar wave conditions and unique surfing and standup paddling culture. Cold Hawaii will be the site of the Standup Surfing and Standup and Paddleboard Technical Races off of Vorupør’s popular and picturesque beaches.

Denmark hosts more than 7,500km of stunning coastline easily reached in a two-hour drive from anywhere in the country. Cold Hawaii’s favorable conditions and the easy accessibility to outstanding surf have given the sport of standup paddling significant momentum in recent years and both standup paddling and prone paddling have become popular disciplines for many across the country.

Over 300 athletes from 30 nations will come together for this one-time event in a very special gathering.

The ISA has been a front runner in the World Championship Tour since 2012.

You can watch the action LIVE on and stay tuned HERE at Standup Journal online for a recap of the events day-by-day to keep YOU in TUNE with who’s on TOP!