Doing Waterman Things: Kai Lenny races John John Florence’s sailboat across Molokai Channel

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Watch Kai Lenny take on John John’s sailboat in a race using his hydrofoil, and open ocean swells in Doing Waterman Things, this incredible new video by Hurley.

What is the definition of a waterman?  Ask Kai Lenny

What is a waterman?

A waterman is someone who is capable of riding all elements of open ocean and surrounding your entire life with the idea of enjoying the best free playground in the world.” – Kai Lenny

From windsurfing to sup racing, hydrofoiling to big wave charging, Kai Lenny’s skill set continues to unfold as he crosses channels for charity, hydrofoils rivers, wins the WSL Puerto Escondido Challenge and continues to challenge himself daily on the playground he loves most:  the ocean.

Aloha, Kai!  We celebrate you!