A floating yoga studio, a community and more – SoCal Paddle Yoga

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Kelly Huck puts the vibe back into Sup Yoga with the inspiration, great energy and water-loving laughter in this video. Check out her classes SoCal Paddle Yoga and catch the ride. Featuring the Starboard Inflatable Astro Yoga Crossover board from Starboard Sup!  Video by Renato Films

SoCal Paddle Yoga: A floating yoga studio, a community & more

SoCal Paddle Yoga is a floating yoga and fitness studio on Lake Mission Viejo located in Orange Country, California. It is the only floating studio in Orange County on a protected body of water, making it a unique space with ideal conditions for paddle yoga and paddle Pilates.

Kelly Huck SoCal SUP Yoga Starboard hands held
The devis are in abundance at Kelly Huck’s SoCal Paddle Yoga on Lake Mission in Orange County, CA! Photo by: Renato Films

What kinds of classes can I find at SoCal Paddle Yoga?

Classes are designed to meet any level of fitness, from beginners to more experienced paddlers, as well as first time yogis and regular practitioners. SoCal Paddle Yoga offers morning and sunset classes, and if yoga doesn’t float your boat, then they even have a Paddle & Pinot event on Saturday evenings!

Kelly Huck Starboard SoCal Paddle Yoga
When we come together for our greater health and revival, there is nothing we cannot do. Photo by Renato Films

How do I find out more?

At SoCal Paddle Yoga, it’s not just a class, it’s a personal experience outside your typical studio to release, relax, restore and renew.

Website:      www.SoCalPaddleYoga.com
Instagram:  socalpaddleyoga
Facebook:   SoCal Paddle Yoga