Minnesota Sup Scene – Marshan Lake with Bryce Haack

Bryce Haack captures the quietude of friendship and paddling in this shot from Marshan Lake, MN
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It’s undoubtedly a good time when you get a chance to catch with an old friend over a coffee or a beer.  But, when you have that same conversation while paddling down a slow moving river or on a glassy lake, it takes things to a whole different level.

Marshan Lake Bryce Haack Minnesota stand up paddling
Coordinating schedules, travel, weather upsets are all part of the navigation that friends do to make time to paddle together. But, what better way to spend quality time than ‘in the flow’ of conversation and paddling as in this picture from Marshan Lake, Minnesota? Photo by: Bryce Haack

Minnesota Paddling:  Marshan Lake

The beauty of having multiple paddle boards is the fact that you can invite pretty much anybody to get out with you for a few hours of paddling. For the past year, I have been really into inflatable standup paddleboards and the convenience they provide.

I’ve found that there is just something special about hanging out on paddleboards and the conversations that just seem to “flow”.

My friend Matt is my go-to paddle buddy and we have been friends since the fifth grade.  So, we have plenty of history and have never have trouble finding things to talk about.  But, what’s interesting about our casual paddling excursions is how sometimes we have lots to say to one another and then, on others, we quietly just take it all in. That really seems to be how it works with most people I’ve been paddling with.

This photo was taken recently after Matt and I were finally able coordinate our schedules and get out on the water. The wind had died down, the waters were calm, the sun was setting, and we were, as yet, blissfully unaware that once we got to the end of this river we’d be at a lake that had quite a workout in store for us. Pictured here is an 11’ Icon LTE from Imagine Surf.

Marshan Lake is a lake located just 1.2 miles from Lino Lakes, in Anoka County in the state of Minnesota.  It is a shallow lake that has a tendency of growing thick patches of lily pads and weeds during certain times of the year. Mid-June is apparently one of those times! Paddling got rough in parts, with paddles sticking and weeds flying, but it was well worth it. It was just one more thing to laugh about as we caught up during a long awaited paddle in Minnesota.

– Bryce Haack
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