How To Position Your Feet For Max Performance on Waves

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Learning how to surf is one thing.  Bringing your performance to the next level requires thoughtful progression of your skills.  In this video, see how moving your feet can improve your bottom turns, cut backs and get you to the nose.

Sup Surfing Tips:  Moving your feet to drive your turns

Turning your sup surf board on a wave requires some fancy footwork. It’s not just about using your paddle, or leaning over the rail.  You have to move your feet around depending on what turn you want to do.

In this video breakdown of foot movement in the surf, Mick Slattery from Surefire Boards  in New South Wales, Australia talks about his foot placement and the effect it has on bottom turning and cut backs.  Using both slow motion and real time video, the viewer can see and feel the impact shifting your weight around can have on performance in the surf zone.  Now, let’s get on it!