Get Stoked on Summer! Standup Journal’s summer issue “Open Rangers” is ready to land

Open Rangers Outside North America's City Limits preview
Standup Journal's Summer 2017 issue, Outside City Limits will hit newsstands next week!
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Ready for the mother of all summers? Wait a minute, that didn’t sound right 😉 Standup Journal’s Summer 2017 issue “Open Rangers” is ready to hit newsstands everywhere!

Open Rangers features a juicy article on stand up paddling the secrets of Lake Tahoe, any time of year! By Laura Norman, author of Paddleboard Guide for Lake Tahoe.

Open Rangers:  Outside North America’s City Limits

The Summer 2017 issue of Standup Journal will hit newsstands on June 21st.  Cover to cover and chock FULL of of North American paddle spots from British Columbia to the great state of Texas, this issue will have you chomping at the bit to get outside and ROAR… that is, PADDLE!

Burlington, Flagstaff, Morro Bay:  All luscious places with hidden nooks and crannies for paddlers to explore. Check out the special sup places for summer exploration in 2017!

Sup Away from it ALL!

We are taken into the secret spots within the country with Standup Journal’s “12 Places to completely sup away from it all” including magical adventures in New Orleans LA, Little Rock AR, Salton Sea CA and Lake Powell UT.  The images will entice you, the stories will motivate you.  We’d love to hear about YOUR favorite paddling spot in a NEW online forum we are hosting on our Sup Launch Sites page where you can upload pix and specifics about your own backyard Eden for stand up paddling.  It only takes a minute and, who knows, you could wind up in the Journal yourself 😉

Summer-2017-West-Side Steve West
Sup surfer, Kenny Backer, finds a hidden pocket somewhere north of Malibu in ‘Brace for Impact’, Steve West’s tale of sup adventure on the left coast.

Brace for Impact

“Racing down the line at full speed, I try to avoid running right over him, but he ends up dead center in my cross hairs.”  – Steve West

Next, Santa Cruze sup surfer/photographer, Steve West, tells the tail behind a ding repair that won’t soon be forgot.  When you’re out in the break, the swell is building and you wind up in a tangle with ‘that guy’.  You know the one.  He’s in over his head, drops in in front of you and T-bones your rail with that rented longboard?  It’s the full scale story, told with the humor of a guy who’s witnessed a lot of dings and bumps and lives to tell the tale.


Chris Christie immersed in the backdrop and enormity of it all along the Bella Coola River in British Columbia. Photo by: Jimmy Martinello

There are still wild places we love to explore

There are ALSO plenty of stories about paddling in Texas, outdoor adventures in British Columbia with Jimmy Martinello & crew, plus an incredible journey through the wilds of Alaska via stand up paddleboard.  STILL the premiere, glossy magazine of the sport, Standup Journal’s summer issue, “Open Rangers” encourages you to explore YOUR own backyard and celebrate ALL the magnificent power paddle spots we have right here in North America.  She sure is pretty, ain’t she?

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Evelyn O'Doherty, editor & publisher of the new Standup Journal 2.0 is a former school teacher gone rogue. She left her career as a teacher in order to spend more time near or on the water after learning to surf turned her life around (upsidedown?). She is a year-round surfer and paddler living on the eastern tip of Long Island in NY who is a certified SUP instructor, seasoned SUP racer and avid longboard surfer. Evelyn was hired as Online Editor to Standup Journal in 2016. Her passion for the project quickly led to her success and eventually taking over the mag herself in Oct. 2018. Today, as editor, publisher and chief bottle washer at Standup Journal, Evelyn keeps her toes wet writing, traveling, paddling, surfing, and learning to foil. You can find her most days paddling out on Gardiner's Bay or surfing Ditch Plains in Montauk, NY.