Round Nose vs. Pointed Nose Sup – What’s the diff?

Big Winds Kite, Wind and Stand up Paddleboard shop in Hood River offers this video on the difference between round nose and pointed nose paddleboards
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Big Winds gives us the low down on whether your first purchase should be a round nose stand up paddle board or a pointed nose.  What’s the diff?  Tune in and find out!

Which Sup should I buy?  Do I want one with a ROUND NOSE or a POINTED NOSE?

Always informative, Big Winds lays down the guidelines on whether you’re looking for a round nose sup, (traditionally called an “all-round paddle board”), or a pointed nose (“racing/touring”) board.

In a nutshell, the question is this:  Are you ever going to put that board into the surf?  If the answer is NO (as in, “HELL, NO! I’m a flat water paddler!), then your best bet for glide and stability may be the pointed nose touring boards.  The reason:  the touring boards are designed to cut through the water efficiently so there is LESS effort on your part.   The traditional round nose boards are, mostly, designed with a bit of rocker in the nose (that is, the nose lifts OUT of the water at the front) in order to handle chop and/or waves.

The touring boards come in different sizes.  11’6 is what TJ recommends for most women and/but if you’re looking to share your board with your spouse or other friends, one might opt for the 12’6 board which will float a variety of characters (and maybe even a sup with your pup!).

Take a look at this short video to see the difference for yourselves and, whatever you choose, remember to enjoy the GLIDE and look UP to see how beautiful the world IS from atop of a sup.

Mahalo, Big Winds!  We appreciate YOU!  For more great tutorials like this, go to:


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