Go BIG! BIC Sport takes on World Wide Rights for SIC Brand

BIC Sport SIC merger Flow Sports Inc.
BIC Sport takes on SIC in a global marketing merger to lift both brands even higher!
Global Partner

In a move that both defines BIC Sport as one of the leading brands in the stand up paddling industry and solidifies SIC from formerly shaky ground, BIC Sport signs a new global agreement for worldwide rights to the SIC brand.

Flow Sports, Inc SIC and BIC Sport merger
Happy smiles all around on the joining forces of these two great brands: BIC Sport and SIC. Go Team!

BIC Sport takes on SIC in a Global Rights Package

In a move this past weekend that rocketed through the stand up paddling industry, BIC Sport reached an agreement with FLOW Sports, Inc. for the worldwide rights to operate, market and sell SIC (Sandwich Island Composite) stand up paddleboard products.

Flow Sports, Inc., the owner of SIC, confirmed it has completed a global deal with BIC Sport, a world leader in watersports for over 35 years.  This merger promises a bright future for SIC as a premium, performance stand up paddleboard within the BIC portfolio.  BIC Sport’s global marketing reach also promises that SIC will now become available to over 90 countries across the globe.  In short, BIC Sport is going BIG with SIC!

“BIC Sport is proud to add SIC to its portfolio allowing us to offer this iconic and prestigious brand within our family of brands.  This deal caps off BIC Sport with a premium, performance brand with world-class products from the recreational paddle enthusiast to the most elite paddlers in the world,” says  Thierry Verneuil – President of BIC Sport.

SIC already hosts such elite performers and brand ambassadors as Seychelle Hattingh, Kody Kerbox, Jeremy Riggs, Caio Vaz and Lina Augaitus.  This consolidation of brands brings a level of performance to BIC previously unseen before.  Everybody wins!

SIC signs on w BIC Sport for global marketing
SIC signs on w BIC Sport for global marketing

SIC looking forward to a bright future with BIC Sport!

Anthony Scaturro, President and CEO of FLOW Sports, Inc. proclaimed, “I could not be happier with this deal. I have always admired BIC Sport’s commitment to the watersports market and making the sport accessible to the entry level to recreational enthusiast. Their success in water sports is undeniable.” Scaturro went on to say, “I have had the privilege to visit the factory in France and am blown away with the state of the art technology that BIC Sport uses to manufacture their products. I think we can learn a lot from each other.”

Visit www.sicmaui.com to learn more about the SIC brand and its products.