Flat Earth – a surf film about the extraordinary nature of this moment

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Flat Earth – A Journey with Jonathan Gonzalez is a beautiful film about remembering the exquisite nature of this moment told through the lens of surfing.

Flat Earth:  a surfing tale about the wonder of the present moment

“This Now moment in which I’m talking, and you are listening, is eternity.”  – Flat Earth

Flat Earth is a surfing visual metaphor of Jonathan Gonzalez, who under the watchful eye of the sun, decides to wrap himself up in a wetsuit and paddle to the end of a new world.  Directors Christian Rosillo and Sergio Villalba painstakingly and compassionately pay tribute to the idea that the only way to reveal the truth in things is to experience them.  Our job, as humans, is to be aware of this extraordinary gift:  the present.

Welcome to Flat Earth.

CO-DIRECTED by Christian Rosillo & Sergio Villalba
COPY by Lukas Schindler
ARTWORK by Hector Menendez
EXTRA FOOTAGE by Guillem Cruells