Chasing the Winter Swells in the Canary Islands

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Stephane Etienne and Nicole Boronat unleash the dream that is sup surfing the Canary Islands. Here is their latest webisode entitled, “On & On” about this winter’s adventures searching for the perfect wave. Looks like that search was fruitful.

Living the Search for the perfect wave:  Canary Islands

Check out Stephane Etienne and Nicole Boronat‘s latest video on their sup surfing adventures this past winter.  As Stephane says in the release,

“Much of our year is spent chasing different swells.  Here we have a little glimpse of our winter.  We hope you enjoy.”

Sit back, relax and let the adventure take you away for a moment into the beauty of nature, the glide of some terrific swells and the simple joy that comes from doing what you love and living in the moment, today.