SWEET SHOT! Sunrise sup magic on Lake Ontario

John Meisner Photography Ontario Canada standup paddling
John Meisner Photography Ontario Canada standup paddling
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Mirror.  Glass. Magic.  These are some of the words we might use to describe a sunrise stand up paddle excursion.  When the winds are light and the crowds are few, we can often find a piece of our soul waiting for us out there.  Check out this dramatic image sent to us by a friend in Ontario, Canada.

John Meisner Lake Ontario dawn standup paddler
Sunrise is a great time to venture out on a stand up paddleboard. The rising of the colors on the water, the subdued light and, in an often windless existence, we are often transported to another world. Photo by: John Meisner

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Sometimes a photo is all we need to start a better day.

John Meisner is a self-taught photographer based out of Toronto.  His personality and his passion for the outdoors compel him to hone his skills to create stunningly beautiful visual landscapes, snapshots of adventure on land and in the water and urban street-style photographs that are both gritty and raw.  John’s passion for the outdoors, his belief in conservation and his penchant for adventure have taken him as a photographer from the tips of the Alberta Rockies to the depths of the Amazon in Brazil.  He values the power of man’s exploration, whether wild or urban. His photography work is an invitation for viewers to explore that moving landscape within themselves.

So, take a breath and let yourself dream for a moment.  We’ll be here when you get back 😉

On Instagram/Facebook:  @johnnymeitz
or his website:  http://www.johnmeisner.ca/

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