Chris Bertish is GOING to MAKE IT! First man ever to standup paddle across the Atlantic nears coastal Venezuela

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The impossible is going to happen.  You can see it on the map, hear it in his Captain’s Log posts.  Chris Bertish is going to make it to become the first human to standup paddle solo and unassisted across the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.  He’s struggled with injury, horrendous weather, broken equipment and he’s persevered.  Now at less than 750 nautical miles from his land destination in Antigua, Chris is saying ‘Thank You’ to everyone who’s helped and supported him in this fantastic, incredible journey.  He is about two weeks from making a landing.  He’s almost there.

Watch the video of the newly released song, “The SUP Guy!” made for Chris to pump him up on the last legs of his journey, written by Anton Smuts.

Bertish Sets and then RESETS the World Record for Paddling the Most Miles within a 24-hour Period

“Everything happens very quickly out here, in split seconds and everything changes all the time.”  – Chris Bertish

Chris Bertish has been on his own out there for 77 days.  Toiling, planning, preventing and paddling, this 42 year old big wave surfer has smashed, not one but two, 24-hour World Records in paddling.  In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Chris, a few days ago, decided the conditions were right and went after the World Record for paddling the greatest mileage in a 24 hour period.  At 50.03 nautical miles, Chris set the new World Record on February 16, 2017.  But wait… Then, he decided the NEXT DAY, that he wanted to try it again.  And he did.  Chris smashed his own World Record the following day on February 17, 2017 by clocking in 62.54 nautical miles.  This guy is getting ridiculous.


Chris Bertish World Record 24 hour
Chris Bertish sets and then smashes his own World Record within a 24-hour period. 72 days at sea and still going strong.

Planning, Strategy and Mental Endurance

Whatever we thought was possible after 72 days at sea, Chris is resetting the boundaries.  That’s the whole point of his journey, to show us that the impossible IS possible with the proper amount of preparation, training and mental capacity.  His message has been loud and clear:  Make your Life Count.  Do something great.  And, anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

It hasn’t been easy.  Chris’ adventure began with gusto after he left the shoreline of Morocco and paddled between the Canary Island.  He quickly ran into a storm system that made him drop anchor and wait out the heaving seas for several days.  Then, he became the first paddler to traverse the waterway between the coast of Africa and the Canaries.  After reaching the southern most point of the Canaries, Chris headed out to sea.  From there, his trip has been wrought with adventure, problem solving, dynamic feats of mental strength and a whole lot of “Why”.

Chris Bertish IMPossible
Definitely looking a little wind blown and sea tossed, Chris gives a smile for all the hope he is sharing with kids across South Africa for a better tomorrow.

Creating a Mental Mindset by Believing in the WHY of your Journey

Chris’ WHY in doing this trip is what it’s all about.  He’s not interested in setting world records for himself, although he’s certainly got the time to do it out there, but instead he says his mental capacity comes from his deeper purpose of why he’s taken on this challenge:  to help others.  Chris’ adventure tale is a real life hero’s journey, testing the limits of his strength and stamina in the middle of the Atlantic Sea to raise money for South African children less fortunate.  He is devoted and he is fierce in his belief in his causes.

Chris Bertish live tracker The SUP Crossing.
Chris Bertish, 77 days into the SUP Crossing, is now LESS than 750 nautical miles from reaching his destination, the coast of Antigua. One man’s journey to prove to the world that nothing is IMPossible. An unbelievable adventure of giving, strength and hope.

“People often wonder how I get through 76 days alone at sea…yes mentally it is tough, but I also use good music, audio books, mind me of my “Why”, my purpose all the time and to keep me going through the tough times.”

Believing in Causes Greater than Ourselves.  Be an inspiration, says Chris.

Chris partook on the adventure in order to raise awareness and funds for Operation Smile, the Lunchbox Fund and the Signature of Hope Trust.  These three causes are foundations established to assist children born with cleft palates receive excellent surgical care, to feed children in South Africa who need support and to build schools for children so that, with an education, they may have the skills they need to succeed.

Chris Bertish motivation Daily Stoked Quote
On his Facebook page, Chris has been creating and posting inspirational messages from his journey. The Daily Stoked Quotes feed  his mental strength as well as inspiring others.

Almost There:  You can still get on board and HELP Chris achieve his goals!

Today (Feb 20, 2017), as landfall begins to take shape, Chris says,

“I have to capitalize on my miles as it’s getting close and tight on my food rations, and coming into my approach angle vectors I need to get right.

I need to focus on this to get to the goal of finishing in Antigua and not Venezuela. Haha… you know what I mean.”

Chris, we have NO idea what you mean, buddy. But, we’re sure glad you do.    We are standing by to see/watch you make history and get to Antigua, one stroke at a time.  If you are inspired by Chris’ story and would like to help by participating in his fundraising, please DONATE to The SUP Crossing and help Chris achieve his goals of making lives better for others.

You can also follow Chris as he approaches off the coast of Venezuela and turns north to head to Antigua in the next several days by watching his LIVE TRACKER online and sending him your thoughts, cheers and good wishes on his Facebook Page here.

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