Big Winds gives the full spectrum on Kialoa’s new Big Eddy whitewater paddle

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Big Winds does an amazing job of reviewing  new equipment as it comes in and breaking it down for us in the 3-minute download.  Here is their exclusive review on the Kialoa Big Eddy white water paddle which was released earlier this month by owner/designer David Chun of Kialoa and Paul Clark, Kialoa team rider.  Take a minute and check out the design features of this incredible paddle!

A New Design with White Water in Mind

The Kialoa Big Eddy white water paddle is an innovation in design.  Created with white water rapids and moving water in mind, the Big Eddy is, in fact, big.  Coming in at 120 square inches and 21 inches in length, this new paddle breaks out of the traditional paddle mold in order to give added stability when going down rapids or otherwise keeping steadiness on a white water run.  The Big Eddy was designed in Bend, Oregon where white water paddling is both standard and popular.  Combining the efforts of paddle designer David Chun and white water expert Paul Clark has brought Kialoa to another level of efficiency in design, craft and innovation.

Big Eddy Paul Clark Kialoa
Innovator/designer and white water paddler Paul Clark gives the Big Eddy a test run in Oregon’s rapids.

Efficiency AND durability in movement-filled water

The Big Eddy is a very different paddle from Kialoa’s Insanity, their all-around favorite adjustable paddle.  Chun and Clark took the original design of the Insanity and improved upon it in order to increase the paddle’s effectiveness in moving water.  The added length, area size and tear-drop shape on the Big Eddy gives a paddler efficiency when bracing, feathering and ruddering in white water travels.  However, the blade itself remains durable and impact resistant through it’s construction using Kialoa’s Fiberlite materials.  Chun and Clark have also added a carbon high visibility shaft to make the paddle easy to spot if dropped in moving water.  The Fiberlite and carbon construction give this white water paddle a durability so necessary in river paddling where paddles can bear the brunt of hidden rocks and unseen obstacles.  In addition, the hi viz shaft keeps the blade from disappearing into the white water if it is dropped.

Kialoa Big Eddy
The Kialoa Big Eddy white water paddle: a whole new look at white water design

Pricing and Options

Coming in at $299 for the carbon fixed shaft and $319 (only $20 more) will get you the 6-inch lever lock adjustable handle to give you some versatility in height.

TJ, from Big Winds, recommends going short on your paddle length if you cut it to counter for the increased length in blade.  At 5’10, his Big Eddy is cut to 75″ and he suggests he might have gone even shorter with this.

Thanks to Big Winds, Paul Clark and the Big Eddy (and you too, Kialoa!) for bringing the next level of innovation to river paddling!  Stay tuned for more news & adventures on Paul Clark’s recent trip to South America and his full-time use of this new blade in a variety of settings.  Stoked for more!



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