“Who is Your Favorite Paddle Partner?” A photo contest!

Wedding sup Daniel Dodge Victoria, Australia
Who is your Favorite Paddle Partner? A Valentine's Expo Photo Contest at Standup Journal online!
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Daniel Dodge says his (now paddle partner) wife used to hate “getting sand between her toes.”  Then, he taught her how to paddleboard.  My, how the times they are a changin’.  Nice work, Daniel!

Wedding Sup 1080 Daniel Dodge
“And now we gather to love and sup…” What special things do you do on your wedding day to make it memorable.  Photo credit:  Jesse Graham

Who’s your favorite Paddle Partner contest!

Our photo contest for February is a question of companionship.  Do you paddle with a partner??  If so, who?

Submit YOUR photo of ‘Who is Your Favorite Paddle Partner” here:   http://bit.ly/paddle-partner-contest

Be sure to check out the pix and place your VOTE for your favorite photo!  You can share the link with others to get them to vote for YOU and just have fun with it.

Winner receives a $25 gift certificate to Standup Journal and ALL the bragging rights for the month of Feb.  Let’s see who YOU’ve got 😉

Building a Partnership

In this pic,  submitted by Daniel Dodge and his wife Kylie, in Victoria Australia, Daniel tells us the photo was taken on their wedding day at Flinders, Victoria, Australia on Dec. 3, 2017.  They decided to incorporate sup into their wedding day because of Daniel’s love of standup paddling.  He goes on to tell us:

“When I met my wife (Kylie) she didn’t go to the beach a lot because of her hate for sand.  But, I introduced her to paddling which she now loves and is willing to put up with the sand to sup with me.  Well…. as long as it’s not too cold or windy. Haha!”

Way to motivate the bride on your special day, Daniel!  GOOD LUCK in the February photo contest:  Who’s Your Favorite Paddle Partner?

Submit Your Photo:

Submit your pix here http://bit.ly/paddle-partner-contest for a chance to WIN today!




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