Heart’s Colliding: For People Who Love the Water, by James Katsipis

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Heart’s Colliding is a recent drone compilation shot and edited by friend, surfer &  mega-talented photographer James Katsipis who lives in Montauk NY.

If you’re having a day at the office, feeling stuck at the computer or otherwise disassociated from your primal source of energy, the water, take a minute to watch this video.

Heart’s Colliding:  Dripping with Beauty

Full of beautiful footage of Montauk’s surreal coastline, dripping with condensation from the hovering water shots and bursting at the seams with love of place,  James Katsipis has done it again.  He’s captured our hearts, our minds and our water-loving souls in a dream-like capture of one special place on earth.

So, even if you can’t get down to the water today, see how Heart’s Colliding just might take you there.

Aloha, James.  Thanks for being YOU.

Shot and edited by:  James Katsipis Photography