QuickBlade announces the release of new ‘Smart Paddle’ with Motionize

quickblades new smart paddle
Global Partner

Jimmy Terrell of QuickBlade Paddles announced yesterday the release of their new ‘Smart Paddle’ a collaboration with Motionize, an app that charts your speed, distance per stroke as well as paddle angle.  All the deets YOU need to become a more efficient paddler!

QuickBlade partners with Motionize to create a revolutionary new paddle that can chart your heart rate, stroke rate and speed in order to maximize performance on the water.  This new collaboration allows you to sych your information over Blue Tooth or on an iPhone to give Live Coaching Feedback to a paddler while they’re out on the water practicing and refining their stroke.

Distance per stroke, paddle angle on the catch, GPS feedback tracking and speed are some of the features built into Motionize’s new technology to bring maximum awareness to your technique.  The app also tells you how many times you paddled on your left side as opposed to your right, getting you in synch with your idiosyncrasies and helping to correct them.  With you cell phone mounted on the board, the Motionize app along with the refinements in QuickBlades new blade technology bring you one of the most interesting devices we’ve seen yet in the paddling world.