Hypr Nalu goes Super Sonic with the 8’9 Ama Kua surf sup!

Hypr Nalu goes Super Sonic with the 8 9 Ama Kua surf sup
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Speed, lift and maneuverability:  the Ama Kua surf series from Hypr Nalu just reached into the next dimension!

Harness the energy of the ocean’s power

Ron Suffron harnesses the ocean’s energy on his 8’9 Ama Kua from Hyper Nalu this last week on Maui.  This board shape and design brings the rest of the industry up on it’s ear!  See how the double concave bottom that is Hyper Nalu’s signature detail gives the Ama Kua a dynamic lift and creates slides that are sup-er sexy.  The fish tail and pointed nose give the board an updated maneuverability to make turns and burns even more fun!

Drone Video Operator:  Keith Tait