Seeking the Simple Life: Searching for Sero explores the Key to Happiness in Outdoor Adventure

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John Rathwell of @searchingforsero is traveling across Canada with his partner-in-seeking-the-good-life, Tracy Guenard.   Together, they are in search of people who, like themselves, are living the simple life and focused on happiness in the outdoors. Their primary means of transportation is a ’91 VW Westfalia and the content of their journey are the people they meet along the way.


RathwellJ- Searching for Sero Surftech adventures
The Westie, locked and loaded for adventure, nestled under the stars in a remote location in Canada   Photo: John Rathwell

“We make choices every minute of every day.  We choose how we act, react, think, approach life.  We choose how we go about our relationships, how we treat people around us,  how we approach every situation but most of all, we choose change or continuity.”

John and Tracy take time in their journeys to stop and talk to people along the way.  Tracy interviews the people she meets and writes about them, sharing their stories, their hopes, their commitment to a life of simplicity, often connected to the sports they love:  snowboarding, mountain biking and, of course, paddle boarding.  John takes killer photographs.  Their focus, as proclaimed on the website is to collect, “photos, stories and quotes from adventure seekers across North America that have found their key to happiness.”

RathwellJ-Searching for Sero Tracy Guenard Surftech adventures
Searching for Sero, Tracy Guenard on her 12’6 Surftech Sport Touring TEKefx  Photo:  John Rathwell

“Continuity is often easier because it’s known and somehow comforting.  It’s part of our habits.  Change however can be hard.”
– excerpt from John Rathwell’s Searching for Sero’s recent interview in British Columbia

Sero, short for Serotonin, is the neurotranmitter found in the human body responsible that transmits impulses between nerve cells, regulates cyclic body process and, most importantly, contributing to overall feelings of well being and happiness.  John and Tracy on their website, cite recent studies that show how spending time outdoors has been linked to an increase of the serotonin levels in the body.  They hope to promote mental wellness through their commitment to outdoor adventure sports and inspire people to do more of what they love.


RathwellJ-Searching for Sero Surftech adventures Canada
@searchingforsero rolling through a snow forest in Stevens Pass on their way to their next on water adventure!    Photo: John Rathwell

You can follow John and Tracy’s adventures through their Instagram account @searchingforsero and by uploading your own pix and inspiration by tagging #FoundSero to connect with their adventures and adventure pals outside.

I’m  hoping their two year adventure might bring them to our neck of the woods!  John & Tracy, please know you can always park in my back yard!


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