Arctic Blast Got You Down? Here’s a way to Sup the Snow!

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Dan Gavere of Starboard Sup is an innovative kind of guy. Put him together with wife Harmony and you’ve got a team of paddlers who will do ANYTHING to keep the stoke going long after most people have hung up their equipment for the season.

Check out this video for new ideas on how YOU can sup your way through winter 😉


Have FUN at your OWN risk!

Dan Gavere and Harmony Dawn take out their Starboard Astro Stream inflatables to make paddling in Ottawa a year-round adventure.  Please remember, these are PROFESSIONAL SNOW SUP-ERS and all around fun-loving folks so if you try this, REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE FINS! 😉

Happy Winter Paddling, everybody!


For MORE video on how Dan navigates his Astro Stream, check out:  Aerial Video Shows How Dan Gavere Navigates Rapids