Chris Bertish #theSupCrossing, Captain’s Log Day 9

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Day 39 of Chris Bertish's transatlantic #theSupCrossing
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Chris Bertish, on his transatlantic solo standup paddle crossing, speaks of the hardship of toughening his body to the rigors of paddling 12-14 hours a day, the redirects he’s had to take, making his trip even longer, to avoid inclement weather and his dream to raise money (through people like you & me) for causes that ring true for him.

Literally, putting his shoulder to making a difference in the world, here at Standup Journal online, we salute you, Chris!

Chris Bertish w Ke Nalu paddle
Chris is looking good, if a little weathered, after nine days at sea! Photo: Chris Bertish

”If you take the word can’t and impossible out of your vocabulary, than anything is possible and anything can be achieved” – Chris Bertish

Chris Bertish’s hero’s journey began 9 days ago when he left the North West coast of Africa in Morocco to cross the Atlantic ocean alone in a one-man journey to become the first standup paddler to traverse these waters, unassisted, in order to land on the coast of Florida some 4,200 (give or take several hundred) miles later.

A full-time waterman and experienced ocean traveler, Chris stands a chance at making it. His knowledge of wind, waves and weather make him an excellent candidate to complete this transatlantic voyage on a paddleboard and become the first person ever to tell the tale.

Today, on Day 9, Chris is heading south for the Canary Islands to avoid a storm system headed his way.  He will not leave the water but may possibly drop sea anchor on his paddling craft to weather out the storm for a couple of days.

An excerpt from his Captain’s Log reads, “Just found out I’ve done 193 miles, breaking the solo unsupported open ocean world record set by Bart DeSwart in May 2014 when he paddled between the islands of Tahiti. Legend! Bart is a legend and inspiration to so many. I’m stoked to be able to take over the baton from him and push the sport even further.”


Chris Bertish theSUPCrossing cabin interior
A glimpse inside the IMPiFish standup paddle craft Chris is riding in his transatlantic voyage. Home sweet home 🙂

“It’s been a tough week,”
Bertish says, “Getting this far across a lot of wind and against some strong current… Paddling 10-14 a day takes some getting used to. The first three days, your body really takes strain and then sort of  just adjusts to it. Amazing.”

What’s AMAZING here is Chris’ tenacity and desire to make a difference in the lives of South African children as his journey, titled #theSupCrossing, hopes to raise over one million dollars for charities that assist South African children with cleft palates, provide food/nutrition for youngsters in need and monies provided for the building of schools.

“This incredible journey which is going to change the lives of millions of children in Africa is what will keep driving and inspiring me right till the end,” said Bertish on the morning of his launch.  If you’d like to support Chris, his massive effort and the great causes he wishes to raise monies for, you can check out the DONATION link on his website to participate.
Stay TUNED for additional updates on Chris Bertish’s journey HERE at Standup!

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