Kelp Beds and Cleaner Waters: One Paddler’s Advocacy

Kelp Beds and Clean Water by Brent Allen Outside
Kelp Beds and Clean Water by Brent Allen Outside
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There are so many ways we, as paddlers, can be a part of a positive advocacy regarding the environment.  Wherever you are and whatever you do, be inspired to keep waterways clean, pristine and accessible for others.  Here is one man’s impact he has made on his local paddling grounds through the use of natural kelp beds to help clean the water.  Aloha to YOU,  Brent Allen and thank you for leading the charge! 

Brent Allen Kelp Beds and Clean Waters, paddlers, Carmel by the Sea
When we love something, we seek to protect it. That’s how Brent Allen began his conservation efforts in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary in California.

Adventure and Preservation

Adventure and exploration of our water planet is as old as time.

The advent of standup paddling as a means of exploration and as a sport has created a renewed sense of exploring our oceans, lakes, waterways and marine habitats.

As a paddler and an avid outdoorsman, I am very fortunate to have the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary as my paddle sanctuary in the world . The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is currently the largest US national marine sanctuary and includes a shoreline length of 276 miles stretching from North of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to Cambria in San Luis Obispo County, California. It is a complicated area of water that requires great respect.


Point Lobos State Reserve Central California
Point Lobos State Reserve in California, where Brent Allen keeps paddlers conscious of the importance of keeping waterways clean

“It is a complicated area that requires great respect.” — Brent Allen

This Sanctuary was established in 1992 in order to prevent offshore drilling. Now, thankfully, under ecological protection, The Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary has become a great lesson in man’s ability to extinguish an area of marine life almost to the point of extinction and we have learned, the hard way, about the ripple effect of what happens when any piece of the puzzle is removed .

The Monterey Bay, today, is great example of how active protection of our marine ecosystems can allow areas like this to once again become a thriving marine habitat .


Brent Allen Outside, Monterey Bay CA
Paddling puts us closer in touch with nature where we can see the impact human behavior makes on the marine environment.

Floating Plastics in Marine Habitats like Kelp Beds… NOT good!

After paddling this area over the last seven years , I found floating plastics and trash were being pushed around the peninsula on a North West wind and swell. These plastics were landing on the North Shore of Point Lobos State Park. We have heavy Kelp Forrest’s there in the summer (kelp can grow 12-16 inches a day when constant sunshine is present). This creates a natural net that grabs all that floats .

“Discarded plastics have become an increasing threat to marine life.”

In August 2015, Brent Allen Outside created our first Point Lobos State Reserve Stand Up Paddle Kelp Bed Clean Up of all plastics and floating trash. In September 2016 we instituted another Clean Up with a team of paddlers from Save Our Shore, the Surfrider Foundation, and California State Parks. Even in a National Marine Sanctuary like the one here in Monterey Bay, discarded plastics have become an increasing threat to marine life. In my corner of our watery world, I’ve found that through collaborative thinking and engaging a cross section of institutions in ocean advocacy, we are starting to exact a positive change .


Kelp Beds Brent Allen outside Monterey Marine Sanctuary
Kelp Beds help to trap marine plastics where Brent and his followers work to clean them up and preserve this impactful natural environment


“Through collaborative thinking and engaging a cross section of institutions in ocean advocacy, we are starting to exact a positive change.”

We are committed at Brent Allen Outside in doing the work that will promote good stewardship and bring awareness to how fragile our waters can be .

Leave your area of water better than you found it .

— Brent Allen



Brent Allen Outside
Brent Allen in his natural habitat.
Brent Allen Outside is based in Carmel by the sea , CA
Stand Up Paddle instructor /Guide for the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary , adventure traveler, lifestyle sport event host/commentator, and ocean advocate . @brentallenoutside