Standup Journal ‘Celebrating 10 Years a Sport’ edition: Get your stoke while it LASTS

standup-journal-10 years a sport-issue-Fall 2016
standup-journal-10 Years a Sport issue-Fall 2016
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Only a FEW days are left to get your hands on our special Standup Journal 10 Years a Sport issue (Fall 2016) NOW on newsstands across North America.

Flipping through the issue this morning, I came across this nugget from Naish team rider, Kai Lenny:

“It only occurs a handful of times a year.  There is a spiritual side to being out at Jaws that I don’t feel exists anywhere else in the world.”


Kai Lenny Naish Peahi Winter issue 2016
Waterman Kai Lenny talks about his experience with Naish, hydrofoiling and the future of standup paddling in this issue!


This action packed valued edition contains pearls of wisdom from the best names in sup, INCLUDING: Kai Lenny, Candice Appleby, Laird and so much more.

If you want to grab a hold of this SPECIAL collector’s item, find a copy at your local retailer before they’re GONE to make room for our UPCOMING Travel Issue due out Dec. 21st, 2016.

For MORE exclusive coverage on the sport’s BEST paddlers, sup surfers and more, check out Standup Journal’s online ATHLETES hub.