Quick Tips: Sup Fishing with Girard Middleton of SoBe Surf & Paddle

Girard Middleton SoBe Surf & Paddle, Riviera Fish-On paddleboard
Girard Middleton SoBe Surf & Paddle, Riviera Fish-On paddleboard
Girard Middleton of So Be Surf fishing on a Riviera Fish-On sup
Girard Middleton of So Be Surf, Florida enjoying the moment with his dog, Kona on a sup surf adventure

Quick Tips:  Sup Fishing with Girard Middleton of SoBe Surf & Paddle

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“I enjoy the simplicity”

There is a feeling of peace and anticipation that runs through me when on the water fishing. Whether it is working a lure or bait and enticing that game fish to bite, I am drawn to that feeling of connecting to the calmness of the water.

Those connections, which have made fishing such a huge industry around the world are more heightened while standing on a paddle board. Your feet are close to the surface of the water and the board is connected more intimately with it’s surroundings than a kayak or boat. And yet, we have the perspective of standing and seeing the world from a greater height and broadened vistas.

I enjoy the simplicity of sticking a rod in the back of my pants, calling my dog Kona to jump on the board and paddling out for a quick morning or evening session.

“Keep it Simple.”

Keep it Simple. That’s my advice on sup fishing. Don’t think you have to have a lot of gear or fancy attachments. There is a time for that, for serious fishing excursions, or off shore battles with some sea monsters like Cobia, Kingfish and sharks.

But for me, I like the quick and easy therapeutic jaunts with little prep and no massive rigging and unrigging. All you really need is your rod and a lure or two. Perhaps, if you’re feeling more serious, you can include a simple anchor and a stringer. I use a 5 pound plate, rope and clip. Of course, don’t forget your cell phone for safety and to capture special moments with the camera.

I love having my dog with me. Kona enjoys being on the water and is a good soul to share the time with. I use a the Riviera Fish-On paddleboard, made specifically for fishing which we sell at our shop.  It has a larger platform, and if I do want to do a serious excursion, I can add on rod holders, a depth finder, and even a GoPro with remote control to record the fight! On a fishing sup, there is still plenty of room for a bait bucket, the cast net, and my wife if she wants to sit in back and paddle me around with me. Can’t help you with that accessory however 😉

“Connect with the world.”

Get out there and enjoy the freedom and simplicity that comes from spending time fishing on your paddleboard. Connect with the world around you. Aloha.  -Girard Middleton


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Girard Middleton of SoBe Surf and Paddle in Coco Beach, Miami Florida
Girard Middleton, wife Kristine, daughter Audrey and friend-for-life Kona at of SoBe Surf & Paddle in two locations: Coco Beach and Miami, Florida. A family owned business!

Girard Middleton is the founder of SoBe Surf, located in Miami Beach and Merritt Island Cocoa Beach, FL. Girard founded SoBe Surf in 2002 (The first surf school in Miami Beach), and SoBe Surf & SUP in 2005 as one of the first East Coast Standup Paddle Board companies and a pioneer of the sport on this side of the world.  Girard provides private coaching from his location in Cocoa Beach, FL and travels regularly. In addition to serving as head judge for many SUP surfing competitions, he regularly competes in SUP surfing and race events and is well known for his integrity, accomplishments and contributions to the stand up paddling community.  Look for Girard’s article in the upcoming September issue of the Standup Journal about the first 10 years of standup paddling as a sport through his eyes.