GIVE A “HOWDY” TO STANDUP JOURNAL’S NEW TEAM MEMBER – Print/Online Ad Director Scott “Shred” Stahley

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Print/Online Ad Director, Scott ‘Shredder’ Stahley, brings his passion for adventure,
publishing, life, and standup paddling to Standup Journal

Scott Stahley is a fellow former windsurfing mag publisher from Florida who went on to the big leagues of digital marketing and content development. Now he’s joined Standup Journal to put that knowledge and stoke to work! Stahley is also a world-class drummer and percussionist who has toured with big-name musicians, playing concerts and Off-Broadway musicals on grand stages!

In his early days gigging around Florida’s west coast, someone handed Scotty a windsurfing rig “and it was all over.” After “flailing around for a few weeks looking like a fool” he was hooked. Soon after, SHREDDER windsurfing magazine was born (and we all started calling him “Shredder,” “Shred Man,” or just “Shred”)! SHREDDER mag quickly developed a following in Florida, Texas, the Outer Banks, and the Caribbean because of its fun, irreverent, highly energetic and eclectic style.


“Shredder” shreds not only on the water & in marketing but on DRUMS as well!

Now, with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of publishing, Scott ‘Shred’ Stahley is a bona fide digital advertising, print publishing and marketing expert. Add in his new passion for standup paddling, and you can see why Scott is a perfect addition to the Standup Journal team.

Scott Stahley wants to “bring the beauty, passion, heart and soul of the Standup Journal printed edition to the web and GO HUGE! Go Off or Go Home!”

The World’s SupHUB is in the Works
Shred’s vision is “for to rapidly become the world’s most proactive supHUB”! He wants to “bring the beauty, passion, heart and soul of the Standup Journal printed edition to the web and GO HUGE! Go Off or Go Home!” So the team is now on that mission with Scott managing the print and digital advertising while incorporating his knowledgeable love for water time and journalism.


Scott Stahley lives his “Go BIG or GO home!” philosophy as a family man FIRST!

Scott lives in Tampa, FL, where he is married to Iwona and is the proud father of Oksana, Sebastjan, Natasza, Natalya, and Nikolaj. When he is not busy at work on his laptop at one of many remote office locations, he can be found at the beach, on his bike, or on an adventure with his kids, attempting to live up to the Shredder nickname he has had since 1991. And occasionally he still rocks the drums!

So what are you waiting for? Let Scott show you how our “Multiple Channel (print/web/social media) Mojo” can fire up your company’s business today:

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Evelyn O'Doherty, editor & publisher of the new Standup Journal 2.0 is a former school teacher gone rogue. She left her career as a teacher in order to spend more time near or on the water after learning to surf turned her life around (upsidedown?). She is a year-round surfer and paddler living on the eastern tip of Long Island in NY who is a certified SUP instructor, seasoned SUP racer and avid longboard surfer. Evelyn was hired as Online Editor to Standup Journal in 2016. Her passion for the project quickly led to her success and eventually taking over the mag herself in Oct. 2018. Today, as editor, publisher and chief bottle washer at Standup Journal, Evelyn keeps her toes wet writing, traveling, paddling, surfing, and learning to foil. You can find her most days paddling out on Gardiner's Bay or surfing Ditch Plains in Montauk, NY.