Thomas Oschwald’s 310 Mile Norwegian Winter Sup Expedition

Thomas Oschwald's 310 Mile Norwegian Winter Sup Expedition
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Next month Thomas Oschwald will embark on an incredible unsupported 310 mile winter standup paddling expedition from Tromsø to Nordkapp, Norway.

“Thomas Oschwald”]Many of my bigger and smaller adventures start at home in front of my own home. This time it attracts me into the distance and I start my tour of the northernmost university in the world in Tromsø. As I am currently teaching at the Pädagogische Hochschule as a primary teacher, I am leaving the student life, so to speak, leaving the confidant that has shaped my everyday life for two years.

From the Norwegian university in Tromsø I start my adventure towards the North Cape. In the tracks of the polar light, I paddle about 500 kilometers through the fjords of Norway for about two weeks. Darkness, icy coldness and unknown waters will shape my journey and challenge me to a new day after day.

Since I would be on the shortest day of the year, the sun will never rise above the horizon, and the dusk will be so dark on the North Cape that the headlamp will show me the whole day. For security reasons, I plan my route consciously through the protected fjords where I regularly meet small villages, where I can warm up if necessary and with provisions.

I will spend the night in the tent or in a storm-sheltered snow-bell. Since the temperatures at the sea are much higher than in the interior of the country, the average low temperature in the night is minus 5 degrees Celsius. As long as I have dry clothes, I will therefore hardly get problems with the cold. To ensure this even after a fall in 2 degrees Celsius cold water or after a snowstorm, I protect myself on the water with a dry suit.

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