Why Is She Paddling a Sup Made Entirely From Plastic Bottles?

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What do you get when you cross 900 plastic bottles, a lot of garden wire and a piece of wood? A sup made out of discarded rubbish.

Designed and built by paddle boarder Lizzie Carr – with a little help from boyfriend Russell Howard – the rubbish raft was predominantly made out of plastic drinks bottles collected from UK canals. Its purpose?

To highlight the amount of rubbish that ends up in the UK’s waterways and to encourage the public and local government to tackle the problem head on. It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down and the average person gets through 200 a year – a total of 13 billion plastic bottles a year in the UK alone. To learn more about Lizzie’s Plastic Patrol go to http://lizzieoutside.co.uk/

Videographer / director: Dan Flanders
Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Jack Stevens, Joshua Douglas