One Of The World’s Most Versatile Waterman | Mo Freitas

One Of The World's Most Versatile Waterman | Mo Freitas
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Behind the scenes with Mo Freitas, Focus Sup Hawaii and Body Glove athlete, currently ranked #2 in the Sup Racer World Rankings and one of the most talented multi disciplined waterman on the planet.

Mo is from the North Shore of Oahu which is a breeding ground for talented watermen and woman.

A day in the life of Mo Freitas during the surf season:

1. Wake up, surf check and pick a spot to shred. He always checks his home spot Haleiwa first, which Mo says “is hands down the best wave on the North Shore for sure, but it’s a super difficult wave, a lot of people despise it and a lot of people don’t like it. It’s a long massive canvas where you can do anything really, there are barrels, there’s the biggest wall you can just throw down, and on the end you can throw an air!”

2. Surf as much as he can, eat a lot and sleep a lot.
Mo is feeling a lot stronger and starting to realize what he wants to do with his life. He is a natural athlete and so versatile in the water that he can take on any aspect of stand up paddling and dominate. Coming off his win at the Payette River Games in 2015, Mo aims to take up more racing and river competitions, travel as much as he can and have a lot of fun

Mo’s take on Big Wave Surfing:

“I personally like prone paddling into big waves, but then when it gets too big I bring the paddle board out and I drop into really anything.”

All in all Mo Freitas is an all around athlete to definitely keep your eye on.