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Kai Lenny has been a waterman since in the womb, having grown up on the swell rich north shore of Maui and being son to waterman Martin Lenny, it didn’t take long for him to pick up a surfboard and start shredding. Since then, Kai has grown into an elite multifaceted waterman mastering big wave riding, stand up paddling, sup racing, kiting and windsurfing, along with a few others I’m sure I am missing.

That being said, Kai is very outspoken about his new passion for foiling. In a recent interview where he said “my entire life has changed thanks to the Hydrofoil!

Kia first started stand up paddling on a “sawed-off 10-foot stand up” and progressing to a 7ft surf shape. At that point he thought that was as far as he would go.

Enter the hydrofoil…Kai attached the foil to his 5’6″ surfboard and soon began paddling into open ocean swell!

“My world has exploded with possibilities of empty lineups” said Kai, “the entire coast is now a surf spot!”

There are very few people who are as jacked as Kai when comes to life and the water, his lifelong dream is to constantly progress as a waterman and figure out new ways to ride waves.

While foils have been around for along time Kai is certainly finding new ways to surf with it and also helping shape the future.

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