Connor Baxter’s POV SUP Foil Downwinder On Maui

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After last week’s news of Connor Baxter fending off a 10ft Tiger Shark while testing out sup foil prototypes, the stand up paddling community has been buzzing about sup foils and whether or not they attract sharks as they hum through the water.

The jury is still out, but what is for certain is that top athletes like Connor, Zane Schweitzer and Kai Lenny are all very stoked on the new foil advancements.  What makes them different from previous foils?

They are learning from the past and designing new foils to get up and out of the water much quicker and with a lot less effort.

With a couple strokes of your paddle you can be up and gliding across the water with ease, even on the most choppy of days.  Hey, it’s not everyone, but for those interested this could be another cool addition to your quiver and another way to maximize your fun!

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