1 Event With 50 Top Stand Up Paddle Retailers Representing 17 Countries

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I want to sincerely thank all of the attendees of the Pryde Group Americas 2016 Kraken’s Brigade. Having played host to over 200 attendees from 22 countries, we have once again set another record!

Everyone at PGA recognizes, and appreciates the investment that it takes to participate in our annual product presentations. Thankfully, the Kraken nicely submitted to our demands, and paid handsomely with solid winds throughout the event, yet still yielding periods of smooth waters during our siege on Islamorada.

More than ever, I feel that this year’s presentations and product testing will pay huge dividends for our partners. While it’s difficult to bring real innovations that truly matter into markets that are somewhat mature, I feel that many of our brands did exactly that.

From the Cabrinha Kiteboarding perspective, it was motivating to witness people’s impressions that were initially skeptical before testing, change to become champions of the new Fireball technology after just a few minutes of testing. This once again underlines, and re-instills my belief that grass roots engagement, along with on-the-water demos and testing are the most important promotional tool for successful retailers. There is a meaningful difference between a premium brand like Cabrinha, and all of the others. The most effective way to prove it is to ride it!

Having 3 of the most exceptional SUP brands together in a single place, supported by brand managers, designers, and icons of the sport like Dave Kalama, truly allowed time for dealers to engage with the brands, and fully comprehend the DNA that thrives within each of these unique offerings. SIC Maui, JP Australia, and Imagine offer our paddling family diverse products and ranges that easily serve the demands of any stand up paddling enthusiast. Downwind, waves, wind Sup, and the best in outback SUP fishing; your bases are covered with this quality trio.

Having the ability to tie the NP water wear and accessory brand into each and every other PGA offering is serving to propel the brand to new heights in both performance and perception. We have successfully built the bridge to cover the gap between these unique specialty sports. Kiting, SUP, Windsurfing, and more, NP is proving to be an extremely vital member of the Pryde Group portfolio. We are thankful to see that our top partners, both old and new have chosen to support this important initiative.

Each year, we put a tremendous amount of time and energy into our conferences, and we are rewarded by the knowledge it’s valuable and important to our dealer network. We understand that we are not alone in the market place, and that we need to continue to invest in our products, our distribution, and our partners if we hope to win continued success. We are committed more than ever to pushing our service to new heights. Our most recent investment into a state of the art, substantially upgraded ERP system will help us to significantly increase customer services, while at the same time allowing us to become more efficient in a rapidly changing business environment.

I hope that you all can see that we have continued our work to build, and maintain what we believe is among the best inside sales support team in the industry. Dedication, passion, and organization are words that come to mind when thinking of our important inside team. They are an excellent complement to our widely applauded outside team of professionals.

I said it last year, and I’ll say it again; it’s a fact that dealers choosing to join us for these events hold immeasurable advantages over those that don’t. I don’t know what’s more important; the product training, water testing, meeting and working with PGA team members, discussing the business with others, or simply the rejuvenation that an event like this provides, but whatever it is, it’s working!

Business and pleasure are best served in a warm environment with good friends. I’m confident that the ingredients at this years Kraken’s Brigade were mixed proportionately, and poured generously. Many thanks to all!

The best brands, supported by the finest dealers; mission accomplished! It’s nice to have you as members of the Pryde Group family!!! We are looking forward to a great 2017-product year!

We hope that you enjoy this fun video from the 2016 Kraken’s Brigade.” –Kent Marinkovic | President, Pryde Group Americas

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