It’s the Single Worst Weekend in Sup History 

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Heavy offshore winds lead to tragic deaths of 2 sup paddlers; 2 other sup paddlers presumed dead in 3 separate US incidents

In 3 separate incidents across America last weekend, 2 standup paddlers drowned and 2 are missing and presumed drowned…all apparently fell victim to strong offshore winds.

The 2 confirmed deaths were 2 men paddling together on the Connecticut side of Long Island Sound when strong offshore winds blew them toward Long Island:

Also, last weekend, another sup paddler was missing and presumed lost, this time about 70 miles farther west, on the south side of Long Island, NY:,80661

On the West Coast, in strong offshore winds on Lake Tahoe’s western shore, a University of Nevada football player and a group of his fellow football player friends were swept out into the lake…one did not come back; a search continues:

This is a very sobering reminder of the power of offshore winds (blowing from land out to sea). When caught in offshores: lay down and paddle back to shore on your stomach to reduce windage. All of our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victims.

-Clay Feeter, Standup Journal