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The Colorado Delta…a dry forgotten river channel temporarily brought back to life by the first binational agreement of it’s kind enabled Pete McBride to be the first to cross the 90 miles of the delta and reach the sea on a standup paddleboard.

Mexico and the United states agreed to open the gate of Morelos Dam on the Arizona-Mexico border that temporarily quenched the thirst of the Colorado River Delta for the first time in five decades.

Before we ever built dams like Glen Canyon and Hoover Dam, the Colorado would fill the delta in the spring thanks to runoff snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains. This “pulse flow” was about mimicking that natural occurrence.

Water for the pulse flow was released from Lake Mead behind hoover dam where it had to travel some 320 miles to reach it’s final destination.

Delta Boatman: Sam Walton, Fred Phillips, Juan Butron, Osvel Hinojosa, Rowan Jacobsen, Pete McBride.
Aerial Footage: Thanks to Owen Bissell/ Sonoran Institute.

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