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Ramon Diaz dropping in at Playa Guiones, Costa Ricaon his Naish standup paddleboard

Sweet Sup Session at Beautiful Play Guiones Costa Rica

“Playa Guiones is a gorgeous, seven kilometer stretch of white sand. Home to many of Nosara’s hotels, restaurants, and businesses, Guiones is sometimes the only beach vacationing tourists visit. While it would be a shame to miss out on Nosara’s other beaches, Guiones is hard to leave.

In addition to its natural beauty, Playa Guiones has a fantastic surf break – popular with both beginner and expert surfers. There are many surf schools on Playa Guiones, and it is a great place to learn to surf. Contact us and we will help get you set up with some of the best schools and instructors in town.

At low tide, the entire Guiones bay can be explored by bicycle or on foot. If you head far enough south, you’ll find several large tide pools that make for excellent snorkeling and relaxing. Past those tide pools you will come upon Playa Rosada or Pink Beach, which is an amazing place to spend a few hours before the tide comes back in.

At the far north end of Playa Guiones, you will see the old Hotel Nosara, standing tall with it’s unique spire. The hotel is now closed, but it makes for a neat place to walk around and explore. There is also a walking path to Playa Pelada that goes right past the hotel grounds. This makes for quick easy access to beautiful Playa Pelada.”

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