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Check out this clip of Dave Kalama and buddies piling on the new Imagine Surf Invader and hitting thew waves. The crazy part is they are actually able to perform a bottom turn! Check it out:

About the Invader
The ultimate group paddling experience. 6-8 paddlers can explore the wilds of nature, tour the coastline with ease, or just get together for a fun ride. With over 1200 liters of volume, Its scooped rocker and paralell outline are designed for stability and efficient paddling in all types of conditions. The quad with center fin configuration provides great tracking and a full length grooved EVA deck-pad provides optimum traction and comfort. Multiple grab handles alow everyone to bear the load while giving each rider the ability to re-board quickly and easily in the event they find themselves overboard. Strategically placed d-rings on the foredeck allow you to bring your gear along without cluttering the deck. Now gather your crew and Get it Together! Check out the key features here:

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