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When I think about my most cherished possessions, my paddle board is at the top of the list. One of the things I love about paddling is how accessible and versatile it is and how easy it can be to travel with it and plop into a lake, ocean, or river. Throw it on top of the truck, and off we go; but the ease with which we can carry it on top of our cars can also make it prone to damage.

Travel with board bag

Keeping a board in good shape will help prolong its lifespan and will help it maintain its value in case you ever decide to sell it. So I thought I would take a moment to go over a few simple ways to take good care of a paddle board to show it some love all year round.

1Board Bag

SUP bag

Buy a board bag and travel with it in the bag to keep it from being dinged and do not put it in the bag when wet.

2Proper Storage

Store the board in a cool place, out of the sun. If exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, it may cause the inside foam core of the board to melt, causing it bubble in places or making it warp. It may also cause it to delaminate.

3Board Placement

Board bottom's up

When arriving on shore before or after a paddle, place the board bottom’s up, helping to protect the fin.

4Proper Cleaning

SUP Air Vent

If you use the board in salt water conditions, rinse the board with fresh water after each use.

Rinse the Auto air-vent area with water when you wash off your boards to keep salt water from crusting up the system.

5Make Sure It’s Dry

If you live in a cold climate, make sure the board is dry before storing. Any water caught inside could freeze and then cause the board to expand when it thaws.

6Give It A Good Wipe

After use, wipe your board down with a towel. Any sand or debris stuck on the board can cause scratches, especially if there are multiple boards being stacked one on top of the other.

7Remove The Fins

Remove fins

Remove the fins from your board after each use. This can be a tedious task, but it will really help keep the board in good shape, especially if you are travelling with more than one board.

8Repair Dings

Make sure dings get repaired to keep water from leaking into the centre of the board, causing it to become waterlogged and therefore less buoyant. For more information, watch our video on how to repair your board in a pinch. But for big dings or repairs, make sure to bring your SUP to a board doctor.

9Give Her Some Love

SUP Surf Vancouver Island

Finally, take her out on the water and show her and yourself some real love by going for an epic paddle or surf session!

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Nikki Johnston Beaudoin is the founder of Sea to Sky SUP, Yoga & Fitness and Paddle Into Fitness . She is a certified Paddle Canada SUP Instructor, SUP Yoga & SUP Fitness Instructor, and Certified Canfitpro Personal Trainer based in North Vancouver, British Columbia.