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This video shows you just how much fun the Sea Eagle Inflatable Wave Slider™ truly is! For more info on the Wave Slider™ CLICK HERE ►

About the Wave Slider 4ft

The New Sea Eagle Wave Slider is a 4 foot inflatable recreational watersports board that packs down to a mere 1/6th of its fully inflated size – making it easy to store, transport, and quickly set up for use!

The inflatable Drop Stitch construction allows this board to be inflated up to 10 psi which makes for an incredibly rigid board while providing just enough flexibility for wave riding and softness to prevent the injuries caused by traditional rigid/hard shell boards.


About the Wave Slider™ Series

The New Sea Eagle Wave Slider™ takes fun to a whole new level! This wave sliding, joy riding, inflatable is great for adults and children alike!

Whether choosing the thrills of wave riding or leisurely floating about, this little 4 foot board is something you just can’t leave home without!

Say goodbye to packing nightmares, no need to stress about storage space anymore! These boards pack down to just 1/6th of their inflated size which means you can pack 6 deflated boards in the same space it would take to pack two comparable rigid boards of a similar style.

*Please not that the Sea Eagle Wave Slider is not a towable.

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