Alex Mauer Teaches Us How To Ferry on a Standup Paddleboard

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As standup paddling on rivers is ever growing in popularity, so are the amount of newcomers in need of specific skills to tackle the river safely.

Alex Maur, BIC Sup ambassador teaches us how to cross the river (ferry) properly and safely on an sup:

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I always wanted to be a surfer but living in Colorado it was a little bit of a challenge. When I was 12 my Dad gave me a body board and told me to play in the river by his house. I saw kayaker surfing little river waves and it clicked. If they can surf in the river so can I! After standing on my first river wave, I started to pioneer the scene in Colorado. Soon after seeing sup, I naturally transitioned. Sup opened up a whole new world. I could surf smaller waves, paddle down river in search of new waves and I could also paddle for fitness. I helped start the racing scene on the front range in Colorado and soon became one of Colorado's fastest paddlers. People always ask when events I want to be known for. I would say spreading the stoke and Aloha of the sport is more important to me than any race or title. I want to be known for how much I love the sport and how much fun I have on a board, racing, surfing, down river or just paddling for fitness and doing yoga poses. I just love to have fun on the water!