Dave Boehne on Paddlewoo – Shaper, Surfer, Stylemaster

Dave Boehne – Shaper, Surfer, Stylemaster
It's clear what Infinity's progressive designs can do here.

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“There are few folks who have been as influential in our sport of paddle surfing as Dave Boehne. Utilizing his surfing pedigree and an early seat at the SUP table, Dave was possibly the first surfer to see and embody the cool side of paddle surfing, and he’s done his best to showcase the sport in that light.

Along with being the brand ambassador and team manager at Infinity SUP, Dave is also the head shaper. He loves to experiement and some of the best in the sport have taken note, they’re coming to him for prototype boards.

He brought us 5UP P1RATE5, arguably the first paddle surfing movie… not a documentary, a proper surf flick. I’ve watched it countless times breaking down turns and paddle positions… at the time it was released there was way less video content available than there is today (and that’s saying a lot).

On this episode of the PaddleWoo Podcast we get to hear where Dave came from, his unique view of the surf industry and paddle surfing’s place in it and his thoughts on design. Enjoy!”

Erik Antonson from Paddlewoo.com

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Erik Antonson is the host of the PaddleWoo podcast, and an owner of BlueZoneSUP paddle surf camps. He is passionate about paddle enhanced surfing and practices daily in Costa Rica. “Paddle Enhanced Surfing is the future of surf, folks just don’t know it yet…”