Behind the Scenes Look With KeNalu Standup Paddles


The Power of KeNalu

“Ke Nalu” url=””]With our state of the art molding technology, the blade we tested and designed is the exact blade we deliver every time, right out of the mold.

Other brands still trim, sand, fill voids, and sand again before their graphics and clear coats are applied.

This hands-on process is not only a manufacturing disadvantage it may also affect the consistency and integrity of any given blade

Our unique single-step manufacturing process creates a stronger lighter and consistently superior blade with every intended design specification and all of its structural integrity completely intact.

We’re the only brand that also offers stand-alone blade shafts and handles. The advantage here is that each component is easy to replace or swap out if one gets damaged or you simply want to create your own perfect paddle.

Our exclusive hot glue adhesive system makes assembly and swapping components fast and easy.

Choose from a variety a powerful blades and ergonomically designed handles and shaft on our website where we have the perfect option for any type of use, at any level of experience. -KeNalu

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