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Dave Kalama Introduces the New Imagine Paddlesurf Sup Board the “Angler” A blow-molded hollow plastic board that’s 11’ long by 30” wide so it’s very stable and versatile.

It’s made out of 25% post-consumer recycled plastic, and the whole board is recyclable itself.

The rear of the board includes a carrying handle, a bungee secured cargo bay and a flip-up backrest.

The middle of the board has 2 carrying handles on the side and a small cargo hatch with in-board storage.

There are for spots that you can attach your gear and poles so you can have your ideal set-up.

As you move toward the front you will find footholds and a larger cargo hold which is bungee secured and a carrying handle in the front.

The bottom of the board has a displacement style hull and exaggerated channels to make it run through the water very efficiently straight.

Finally, the board comes complete with a very easy snap in fin.

Check out the video below: