Paddlewoo: Does SUP make Fisher Grant a better shortboarder?

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This week on the PaddleWoo podcast I sat down (virtually) with Fisher Grant straight off of his win at the Surfing America’s Championship where he took 1st place for SUP surfing, 2nd for Longboard and 5th for Shortboard. Fisher is an incredibly talented and well-rounded waterman and I wanted to explore his thoughts on where SUP surfing fits into the world of surf. In his words, it is the most difficult of the watersports (given you’re on a very small board) and a blend of shortboarding and long boarding. If anyone would know, Fisher would.

Fisher proves to be a humble and thoughtful in our conversation and is open with his opinions on our sport. If you want a window into where SUP surfing is headed listen to one of the athletes that is taking us there.

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